Fomalhaut B




Fomalhaut B walkthrough




1. Push the board and when it falls step on it and go to the exit.

1. Push the broken robot off the board to release the crates.
2. The ball will roll and make the board fall.
3. Step on the board and go to the exit.

1. Push the chest close to the wall.
2. Go upstairs, move the block over the chest and push it into it.
3. Gently push the chest to the water, close to the exit.
4. Jump on the chest, then jump into the exit.

1. Push the beam off the edge to release the ball.
2. Wait untill the second board falls, then push the first one.

1. Wait untill smoke disappears.
2. Push the block to close the pipe and wait untill its smoke disappears.
3. Go to the next platform, close the flap and wait untill part of smoke disappears.
4. Do as in point 3.

1. Wait to the rigth moment when the beam hits the poster, then push the barrels.
2. White balls should roll on the beam and make the board fall.
3. Run quickly to the lying beam and move it enough to support the falling board.

1. Carefully tilt the flag to see the pass behind, remember it and go, the flag will fall and cover your view.
2. Do as in point 1.

1. Move the plug to the socket. When the green light flashes the power will be on.
2. Go to the platform, follow the instruction and move it forward to the exit.

1. Turn on the light.
2. Push the suitcases to make them fall. This releases the hanging bulb.
3. Push one of the suitcases off the edge. It shoud hook the bridge and make it fall.
4. Jump on the bridge and go to the exit.

1. Go to the far platform, move it close to the unfinished rocket.
2. Move the chest to the edge of the rocket top. Go back to the first platform.
You may take the broken robot with you if you wish.
3. Move the platform to the open rocket door and enter the rocket.

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